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online cryptology game
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online cryptology game
Become a codebreaker

Face the challenge

An International Online Cryptology Game dedicated to the conquerors of the Enigma cipher M. Rejewski, J. Różycki, H. Zygalski and other members of the Cipher Bureau team.

Acquire knowledge

Cipher course

The main theme of the game is a cipher course. Each player takes on the role of a cryptology adept who learns increasingly difficult, historical ciphers during the game. The participants use their acquired knowledge in practice, by solving cryptological tasks, to compete with players from around the world. Competition, time pressure, challenge and mystery - these are four inseparable elements of a cryptologist's work.

Cipher course

Three levels of difficulty


is a one-person game that during six lectures will allow you to learn the basics of a cryptologist's work, encompassing simple codes (including unbreakable ones!) and will enable you to face the first cryptological challenges.


This is a meeting with historical methods of hiding information, which are the basis of education of every cryptologist. They must also be known to future Enigma Busters at the beginning of the Cipher Course, which made them cryptologists. At this level, 3-person teams will play in cryptology adepts.


is the next step in exploring the cryptology craft. A real adventure with ciphers, including the famous "le chiffre indéchiffrable". As it turns out, this "unbreakable code" will sooner or later be attacked by your team. All you need is a bit of cryptological intuition...

Are you afraid that you will not handle it? Take it easy, with the help of our code breaking tools and the hints of Enigma, you will surely be able to handle even the most difficult tasks.

Players from all over the world

Compete with players from all over the world, decode secret messages first and win crypto prizes. In the previous edition, over a thousand crypto-enthusiasts from all around the world participated in our game.

#thecodebreakers #photocontest

Find what is hidden.

Join the game!

Invite friends, register and join the game. For now you can play a single-player game at the Trial level.

Will you join us?

theCodebreakers is created by history and cryptology enthusiasts, volunteers from different countries, and our partners and donors.

Support us

You can support our project by making a donation for its development and / or by helping us, for example, with translations into your language or the promotion of the game in your country.

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We recommend!
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