About us

We are a group of people who share admiration for the achievements of Polish mathematicians, breakers of the Enigma code. Since 2009, in tribute to their achievements, we have been organizing an online cryptology game referring to the cipher course, which took place in Poznań in 1929.

At the turn of 2010/2011 we implemented, thanks to the initiative of the Marshal's Office of Wielkopolska Region, the first international edition of the game, which we called theCODEBREAKERS. Since then, our game is cyclical.

Over the years of activity, the game has been supported by many people and institutions, for which we are grateful. Below you will find links to description of the activities of our association and a list of friends of our project:

Our team:

Szymon Dabrowski
Marek Grajek
Dobrochna Wojciechowska
Rafał Anioła
Marcin Korma
Michał Domżalski
Jarosław Redliński
Olga Niemczenko
Hubert Nowak
Milena Krzyżan
Szymon Pilecki
Andrzej Łukaszkiewicz
Marta Kicza
Piotr Stankiewicz
Marcin Szymura
Damian Kaczmarek
Dorota Łukaszkiewicz
Grzegorz Wanat
Ewa Kuca
Danuta Plackowska
Ryan Chapman
Damian Dankowski
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